Friday, February 23, 2007

Stay Over..

my mom n ruchi and my dad in the background

phorum vishu n saumi

My place stay over. so much fun it was. bahut mazaa aaya...... after a long time 6of us were there together on a stay over. as usual we stayed up till wee hours in the morning and had popcorn and maggi n all. i took out all the snaps i had probably around 400 of all the trips and school etc...

we made get well soon card for saif...just for was very funny and all of us drew fans on it indicating we were fans!! heheheheheh...quite literal ? discussed the same stories and teased each other like kids....

one thing struck us ...we were going to be 22 and still behaving like bachhas...our moms were married at that age..!! but being kids is fun..

generally we stay at phorums nanis place... where she opens her pandoras box. a corrugated sheet packing box. it has absolutely everything..the cards i sent her 5th from NZ, the choclate wrappers nishit and i gave her, scrap books, rough books where we wrote notes in class, her school diary....every little thing is preserved. i mean some things we dont even remember she has em...its really great opening it ...memories in a box.

Hiral and Saumi are leaving soon for the US. its not going to be so many of us anymore. riddhis left, shyams goin, viraj is goin, nish is goin ....Mumbai is going to become quite lonely...but i am sure we are never going to change....we will still be the stupid kids!


took this picture at 10th road ... he was learning how to skate for dhoom2 i guess! he is really hot stuff!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bandra worli sea link

Went for a site visit to the bandra worli sealink exhibition. very fancy and very cool and those engineers took great pride, not as much in the sea link as in having put up such a good exhibition. worth a watch.


sunrise at lokhandwala

morning chai in the terrace



I am bored of staying here in lokhandwala. u see hundreds of people but cant talk to any. i wish i could go back home quickly. its been 3 years since we shifted here, and i still do not know the name of my neighbours or anybody in the building. I must say we live a extreme "urban" life of isolation. This place is not us. probably i never even tried to because i knew i was goin to shift back. Back home.

Recently i was walking around JVPD. each street has a memory attached. thinking back every thing that i had gone through became an event- coming home from school with the heavy bag and heavy TD bag, going to anita misses place, sitting in her terrace discussing almost everything(which is gone now), ruchi falling on the road, riddhi running and screaming chased by a puppy, us trying to touch an elephant, madman following us...

i guess this only becomes important when u move away...home was where i could sit for hours at the window and daydream...i cant do that anymore.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The two kids...

My parents have four kids , my brother, me and my two grandmothers. Its quite a job i guess for them. the crying and complaining and screaming and howling....i just cant imagine. i must say its good fun to listen to old people. they are amusing, with their stories of their chilhood, it seems that they have undergone time travel. its beyond my imagination. one of my granniy who is 93, dresses up in front of the TV thinking that if we can see them so can they....astounding concept?
they do live in world of their own..the past. the present amazes them as the past amazes us...