Thursday, February 22, 2007


sunrise at lokhandwala

morning chai in the terrace



I am bored of staying here in lokhandwala. u see hundreds of people but cant talk to any. i wish i could go back home quickly. its been 3 years since we shifted here, and i still do not know the name of my neighbours or anybody in the building. I must say we live a extreme "urban" life of isolation. This place is not us. probably i never even tried to because i knew i was goin to shift back. Back home.

Recently i was walking around JVPD. each street has a memory attached. thinking back every thing that i had gone through became an event- coming home from school with the heavy bag and heavy TD bag, going to anita misses place, sitting in her terrace discussing almost everything(which is gone now), ruchi falling on the road, riddhi running and screaming chased by a puppy, us trying to touch an elephant, madman following us...

i guess this only becomes important when u move away...home was where i could sit for hours at the window and daydream...i cant do that anymore.


Phorum said...

with two tiny pony tails and a smile that was inncocent and refreshing, i ve seen you grow up into a lovely person and an adorable friend.
it's funny when people say life is short. i think life is a longgggg endless road that leads to one destination and then another. the freinds we pick up on the way add the colours of happiness, humour, tears and warmth into each moment.
i've enjoyed my friendship with you soooooo much. ( i still am and always will)

Anonymous said...