Friday, February 23, 2007

Stay Over..

my mom n ruchi and my dad in the background

phorum vishu n saumi

My place stay over. so much fun it was. bahut mazaa aaya...... after a long time 6of us were there together on a stay over. as usual we stayed up till wee hours in the morning and had popcorn and maggi n all. i took out all the snaps i had probably around 400 of all the trips and school etc...

we made get well soon card for saif...just for was very funny and all of us drew fans on it indicating we were fans!! heheheheheh...quite literal ? discussed the same stories and teased each other like kids....

one thing struck us ...we were going to be 22 and still behaving like bachhas...our moms were married at that age..!! but being kids is fun..

generally we stay at phorums nanis place... where she opens her pandoras box. a corrugated sheet packing box. it has absolutely everything..the cards i sent her 5th from NZ, the choclate wrappers nishit and i gave her, scrap books, rough books where we wrote notes in class, her school diary....every little thing is preserved. i mean some things we dont even remember she has em...its really great opening it ...memories in a box.

Hiral and Saumi are leaving soon for the US. its not going to be so many of us anymore. riddhis left, shyams goin, viraj is goin, nish is goin ....Mumbai is going to become quite lonely...but i am sure we are never going to change....we will still be the stupid kids!

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