Sunday, May 20, 2007

cruise to Alaska atlast!

i remember the excitement overflow and goosebumps....finally the high point of the trip. i was really shocked to see the ship, it was enormously large-like a floating city. it had 750 crew for around 2500 passengers. it was grand from inside, you could call it baroque- overly decorated. we were assigned our staterooms which were quite tiny according to american standards and quite large according to indian. ours had a window and a great view but who cared? we all rushed outside to the deck on the 12th floor...

12th floor through out the cruise remained our meeting place, if someone was lost - they were found there. it had the market place- which was a buffet eating place- huge, the game room, card room, library, spa n gym, open deck- pool and water slides, the theatre, the auditorium(600 seater with balcony- rococco style) and essentially the spinnaker lounge. the ship had a spectacular lobby on the 7th floor, triple heighted with a lounge and bars, discs and restaurants- i could go on and on about the ship but thats all for now.

exploring and knowing the ship took us probably first half of the was really exciting.

all these lounges and restaurants and other areas overlooked everchanging outside. the feeling was stange, you are in the same place with a different outside.

i can say one thing for sure the cruise was totally worth the money, and if u eat every living thing on earth - you must go for it. the feed u as if there is no tomorrow, and the charge is all inclusive so no worries. make sure u take a free style cruise, who wants to stick to schedule on a holiday?

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