Friday, May 18, 2007

charlotesville- my brothers place

initially i did not like c'ville too much.. .. there is almost zero life - actually only 100,00 people and a lot of green all around, but thats because i am used to bombay. A fter visiting other big cities i am sure i liked c'ville the best. the drive from DC to c'ville was a good refreshment after the long flight and mumbai hassles.

c'ville started out as a university town(UVA)-with all possible amenities, good food and a cute downtown. its green all around with amazing colours. my brothers place was even better than i expected...last time i visited him, he had an apartment which was absolutely dirty- a typical bachelors house. this time, because he is married, their home is beautiful, with a forest and stream behind, large sloping back yard-on which they grow various fruits n flowers, a well landscaped front, and a typical american(venturi) home.

it was good fun to stay at his place. he has a game room in the basement(pool and tt), and a forest behind to explore- where i spent most of my time.

f ront - with his spurano

his back yard- merges with the forest
exploring the forest


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